January 18, 2012

Trends of today that I hope never go away...

It's not just a dance! (It's not a dance?) This is a trend I know we'll look back on and say "Who let me do that to myself?!" It's double trendy, so it should stay far away from your wedding.  I don't want it to stay too far away though because I loooove it! What's better than a look that says "The last time I had my hair colored was like, 2 years ago!"  Oh that I could grow my roots out for the rest of my life, call it "Ombre", and be accepted into trendy social circles with open arms...

Here's something interesting - I took this picture while watching an episode of Friends that aired in 2003.  Jennifer Aniston knew what was up 7 years before the rest of us. She always does. 

Natural Eyebrows 
I love eyebrows. The natural kind. My eyebrows are nowhere near perfect, mind you, but it's only because I obsess about them too much, which goes against the very essence of the natural eyebrow. Get my tweezers away from me, I beg you! If I could change my eyebrows right now I'd say yes to any of these options. Yes. Yes. Yes!

Please, let's never go back to the eyebrows I'm about to show you - our *3rd favorite teenage witch, circa 90's.  See how her eyebrows ruin her face and also sorta kinda make her look like she belongs on a street corner? No? You don't see it? Well, they do. The pink bra has nothing to do with it. It's all about the eyebrows, which by the way, aren't doing any favors for her droopy eye. Has anyone ever called her out on that, do you think?

Winged/thick top liner/cat eye/Taylor Swift/Adele
It makes eyes so much more appealing. I won't ever let Taylor Swift give it up. I won't!

Straight leg/skinny jeans
I know, I know - let me explain! The boots go over the pants. That's it. That's all it took to convert me for life. I'm sure my mom is right - a nice bootcut jean does proportion me nicely. I don't care. Remember when we had to wear flares. It was the only option. And they had to drag on the ground. That was gross. The bottom 4 inches of your pants were always wet, you know they were. Let's make a pact to keep with what we've got going on in 2012 - anything goes! Feel like flares today? Okay! Bootcut? Sure! Skinny? Anyone can try it! Leggings? Try to cover that booty with a shirt, but if not - whatever! Boyfriend cut is cool too. There's never been a better year for legwear equality.

Pants. In. Boots.

Colored/patterned tights (not as pants)
I love them so much. Don't take them away from me.

Zooey Deschanel
I hope she's always as cool as she is right now. I hope this always looks good. I hope I never think this is outdated. I hope nothing ever changes.

*2nd is Alex Russo. If you don't know the 1st then you don't deserve to know. 


  1. Gah! I LOOOOVE skinny jeans!!! Are you saying you should only wear them with boots? Cause I almost never do. I wasn't into the floral patterns coming out, but these:


    and these:


    I want green and yellow skinny jeans! But I agree, sometimes ya just need to wear your fat old flares, or a good boot cut, and I love that all those are viable options in today's fashion world. This is what it truly means to live in America, LAND OF THE FREE!

  2. I LOVE flare pants, although I have grown out of the stage where I bought the 32 length so they did drag on the ground and then rip straight up the back. I also gave up the pair that literally flared out like 20 inches at the hem. Those were awesome.

    I miss my flares.

    I hate skinny jeans.

    It's a terrible, terrible trend.

    (Why didn't this post show up in my reader?)

  3. I hate Zooey Deschanel, but I like your blog, I like the comments you've left on mine, and I like you.

    So, yeah. Keep writing more, please.