March 19, 2014

Why are you moving to Missouri and what's this about a restaurant?!

A few months ago Chad was approached by a friend of a friend about opening and running a restaurant in Hamilton, Missouri. Awesome, right? No one is better suited for such a task, but designing and running his own restaurant is a dream that never seemed too realistic... until now! You're probably wondering Why Hamilton Missouri? or Why Hamilton Missouri? JC Penny himself was born in Hamilton (pop 1809) thank you very much, and not much has been going on there since... 

Except for quilting! Lots and lots of quilting! Hamilton is home to the Missouri Star Quilt Company, which happens to be a big deal. Here's a short clip from MSNBC to prove it: 

And also the cutest little article in the local newspaper. Chef Chad Rigby! I'll have to take up scrapbooking again, so this can be in it. For cute!

And in case you don't already think we're nuts, here's a shot of the inside of Chad's future restaurant! It's gonna be real special lookin' real soon, promise.


So that's that! We're going to Missouri to open the classiest, tastiest restaurant this side of the Mississippi!

This post is dedicated to Carrie, for reminding me that I should blog again. For those who don't know me in person, I should probably mention that Chad is my husband and we're married! Husband = married! Yay! Consider yourselves up to date on my life, you're welcome.