June 9, 2014

The good, the bad, and the ticks.

We're adjusting to small town life rather well, thank you for asking. We have our days -- days where we wonder how we're expecting to live like this. Like, am I really supposed to drive an hour to get to Target? But for the most part Hamilton is a mighty fine place to live. For example:

A few weeks ago we went to a "Barn Sale", which is exactly that -- things for sale in a barn. Cool things. And pie. So we wandered, I ended up buying a washboard to hang on the wall in our laundry room and a slice of lemon crumb pie, and then we couldn't leave because I had locked the keys in the car. We asked the owner of the barn if they knew of any locksmiths nearby and she said her son had a "car un-locking kit" and that he would be there in 5 minutes to help. He showed up 5 minutes later and unlocked our car and just like that we were off. This is the stuff that small towns are made of. Neighbors helping neighbors, or in this case neighbors helping strangers. It's down right endearing, is what it is.

Last week at work a co-worker popped her head into the office/room/corner where I sit and asked if we wanted eggs. I handed her $2 and 2 minutes later I had farm fresh eggs. And then I walked home with my eggs because I live 500 feet from the building that I work in. Are you jealous yet?

But then there's the ticks. OH MY H-E-L-L, THE TICKS! Chad planned a backpacking trip for last weekend, bless is heart. We drove almost 4 hours to a state park in southern Missouri and about 1 mile into our 7 mile hike we were covered in ticks (I could not brush them off fast enough) and the humidity was really getting to us. Hiking in Utah is not the same as hiking in Missouri. We had the dogs with us and once Nala starting vomiting at about the 3 mile mark we'd had enough. So then we hiked 3 miles back to the car. I'll spare you the details about my thighs, except for I won't because you guys, I picked 20 ticks off of my thighs! When we got home we spent 3 hours in the bathroom removing literally hundreds of ticks off both our dogs. They're never going outside again. At least not near a bush. It's paved, short hikes from here on out!

Everyone keeps warning me about the chiggers. I haven't experienced them yet and I don't even want to know. I don't!

The thunder storms here are amazing. The lighting lights up the sky almost non-stop for what seems like forever. I've never experienced a thunder storm that even comes close to these. This is a picture from a video I took around midnight. That's how bright the lightening was.

I could not fully enjoy the thunderstorm after my phone told me to "Take shelter now." Not cool, Missouri. 

So we're surviving, you could even say thriving. Maybe not thriving to the full extent of the word, but you get what I mean.

In closing, here's some random pictures. Just because.

March 19, 2014

Why are you moving to Missouri and what's this about a restaurant?!

A few months ago Chad was approached by a friend of a friend about opening and running a restaurant in Hamilton, Missouri. Awesome, right? No one is better suited for such a task, but designing and running his own restaurant is a dream that never seemed too realistic... until now! You're probably wondering Why Hamilton Missouri? or Why Hamilton Missouri? JC Penny himself was born in Hamilton (pop 1809) thank you very much, and not much has been going on there since... 

Except for quilting! Lots and lots of quilting! Hamilton is home to the Missouri Star Quilt Company, which happens to be a big deal. Here's a short clip from MSNBC to prove it: 

And also the cutest little article in the local newspaper. Chef Chad Rigby! I'll have to take up scrapbooking again, so this can be in it. For cute!

And in case you don't already think we're nuts, here's a shot of the inside of Chad's future restaurant! It's gonna be real special lookin' real soon, promise.


So that's that! We're going to Missouri to open the classiest, tastiest restaurant this side of the Mississippi!

This post is dedicated to Carrie, for reminding me that I should blog again. For those who don't know me in person, I should probably mention that Chad is my husband and we're married! Husband = married! Yay! Consider yourselves up to date on my life, you're welcome. 

August 29, 2012

The years keep rolling by.

I have to leave for work in 6 hours... I should most definitely be sleeping right now, but instead I'd like to take a moment and get all sentimental up. in. here.

One year ago I was driving across the country, everything I owned in tow, to be a nanny in New York.  I knew it was a little lot crazy, but experience has taught me that awesome things always are. And what a great/weird/hard/adventurous year it was. I wouldn't change a thing. The bleh times all led to something better. I'm sad it went by so fast, and also just incredibly freaked. Years go by so fast you guys.

Here's to turning 27. I hope it's the greatest/weirdest/hardest/most adventurous year yet.

Next up: A love letter to NYC. (Hold me to it, guys.)