December 21, 2011

Finally Christmas!

(Alternate title: Where Are You Christmas?)
(Alternate title 2: I'll Be Home for Christmas.)
(Alternate title 3: Please Have Snow... and Mistletoe?) 

Up until a few days ago I was not convinced that it was actually December.  The Christmas decorations in the city are a sight, but it still didn't feel like Christmas.  It's probably because my days are full of Hanukkah and empty of snow.  (Seriously. Where's the snow?) Not to mention no one on my street has Christmas lights, which means no Christmas tree either.  So I did what I do best!  I scoured the internet to find some Christmas, and on Sunday night I ventured into Harlem!

part 2 of the children's choir...

I wanted some good ol' fashioned New York Christmas spirit, and The Riverside Church did not disappoint!  You can find anything and anyone here.  It's what I love most about NYC. 

That being said... no one does Christmas like home! Three hip hip hurray's for Utah! And mountains! And I'll be there... tonight! 

p.s. This is a cute song.