July 8, 2011


1. SPF 50 is my new best friend.  Pasty is the new tan.  (But really.)

2. I miss blogging.

3. I've been watching an abnormal amount of 9/11 conspiracy and Holocaust documentaries lately.  If I could stop, I would.

4. I'm selling everything I own.  Come to my yard sale?

5. Trust me, you don't want to talk to me about those Transformers movies.

6. I'm moving to New York!... it's in writing now.  On a blog.  So, it's like... official.

7. The fact that I'm awake right now really pisses me off.


  1. I'd buy what you're sellin, if I didn't live 5 hours away...

    Will you please blog in NY?

  2. I'm lovin the guy in the background of the first pic.
    I've also gotten addicted to the conspiracy movies before. They're kind of fun to pick apart.